Linchpin by Seth Godin

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Show Notes:

Cocktail Party Statement talks about Linchpin by Seth Godin in this episode. A linchpin, as Seth describes it, is somebody in an organization who is indispensable, who cannot be replaced—her role is just far too unique and valuable. And then he goes on to say, well, seriously folks, you need to be one of these people, you really do. To not be one is economic and career suicide.

A summary of this topic was featured in Godin’s manifesto on, which the team refer to. The economy just gave you leverage—the leverage to make a difference, the leverage to spread your ideas and the leverage to have an impact.Here are seven levers available for anyone (like you) in search of reinvention:

1. Connect

2. Be generous

3. Make art

4. Acknowledge the lizard

5. Ship

6. Fail

7. Learn

While the PNC team didn’t find themselves to be amazed and in love with this book, the team at Forester Research also recently wrote an article applauding this book. A critical quote from the review states that “I cannot be a cog, and fortunately, they have recognized that a cog is not what they need. In the long term, all of my success so far has come from this sort of thinking.”

Our Cocktail Party Statements:

Phil – “Do what you love.”

Aaron – “Give.”

Karin – “We’ve been brainwashed to be cogs. Be different – be a linchpin.”