China’s Megatrends

China’s Megatrends by John & Doris Naisbitt

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Book Summary:

Naisbitt, author of the 1982 bestseller Megatrends—an analysis of the economic, political, social and cultural transition taking place in the U.S.—collaborates with his wife and turns his focus to our competitor to the east. Why, the authors ask, has autocratic China succeeded while many democratically governed states have failed to make economic progress?

Our Cocktail Party Statements:

Aaron: Economic & social analysis of China

Karin: A spoonful of sugar helps the Communism go down

Phil: The feelgood China book of the year

Jordan: The 8 pillars of the Chinese sugar cube are ready for a melt down


Since the airing of our show, Jordan has found a new home in Shanghai. And as Phil so smartly pointed out, this book was likely written as pure propaganda at the behest of the current communist party. Jordan was able to validate this belief by finding a copy at a bookstore in the Shanghai Pudong Airport. Listen now to understand why this book retails for $27.99 yet sells for over $50 in China.

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