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You guys rock!

So ever since I adopted my boys from Taiwan, my book consumption has centered around Curious George and The Little Red Caboose.

Thank you SO MUCH for giving me an incredibly time-effective way to get the gist of books the rest of the world is reading. Been dying to read Outliers and Groundswell. During a 17 hour drive from Orlando to KY, you guys helped me catch up on those, plus a bunch more. Felt like it was Cliffs Notes for grown-ups but with cheeky insights.

I’ll keep tuning in so by the time my boys are in school, I’m not the only one still talking about 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

Thanks for using your big-brained powers for good.

Hi all,

Just a quick email to say that I really like the podcast. I’ve listened to maybe half of them. It has been fun to see you develop as podcasters.  Your format is very helpful, so let me encourage you to use. You may be amused to know that I am not a business person, but a pastor planting a church in Gilbert , SC. Starting a church is a highly entrepreneurial enterprise and running a church has most of the challenges of a small business.  So I was pretty excited when you said that Duct Tape was a a kind of Marketing for Dummies. I plan to read it soon.

Thanks for your work,
BH—Gilbert, SC


Hi Gang

Just a quick email to say that I am enjoying your podcast series, having started on the full back catalogue.

Keep up the good work.

KP—Nedlands, Western Australia


Hey guys,

I´m listening your podcast from Brazil, I´m a parter at a management consultancy firm and I´m telling the employees to hear the show ! I love it !

Greetings from Brazil,

MO—Sao Paulo, Brazil


Hi Cocktail Party Statement team!

Just discovered you guys on FB and checked out your website. Love it! Informative and funny!

All the best!

FA—Palo Alto, CA


Hey y’all,

I really enjoy the show, especially the episode on Outliers. I’ve listened to each episode and it just keeps getting better. I am writing because I wanted to get your take on a good way to select what MBA school to attend. I’ve taken the GMAT and have been looking at schools but wanted to hear your take on a way to make sure a school is the right fit.


TB—Minneapolis, MN


Hey guys,

Love the podcast. Have you considered doing an episode on Socialnomics by Erik Qualman?

Seems to be very pertinent topic, especially since practically every organization is either using or misusing social media to one degree or another.