Our Interview with Professor Imran Currim

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Show Notes:

On our tenth episode, we were thrilled to have the opportunity to interview our inspiration for the show, Professor Imran Currim. In our brief conversation we talked about the world of marketing, how things have changed, projects that he is currently working on and more. This was a very special episode – don’t miss it!

Key Points/Chapters:


Historically, marketing was a psychological field without measurement. With the progress of time and models, the value of measuring consumer behavior has become the new focus of marketing.

How has the internet affected the ability to measure and evaluate behavior?

How can the internet be better? Can websites change their content with user wants?

From a few clicks, can we predict who will buy?

Our Cocktail Party Statements:

Aaron: TBD

Karin: It’s Imran – what else do you need to say?

Phil: TBD