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We’re thrilled to have been recognized for these awesome awards! It’s also been exciting to get feedback from fans. From Brazil to South Carolina, we get some great questions and suggestions and really appreciate their support. It keeps us growing and hopefully will keep our listeners coming back for more.

2012 Webby Awards Nominee

2012 AVA Gold Award for Audio/Podcast

2012 Silver Communicator Award

2011 Gold Hermes Award


You Have A

So, you have a book you want to promote, huh? And you’re scouring the web, looking for ways to tack reviews of your book onto the social media bulletin board? Fair enough. Every labor of love deserves its time in the light. Good on you for being such a proactive promoter!

If you are an author or publisher would like us to review a book for you, please click here for our Guidelines.


Our Favorites

If you’re new to the show, you might want to start with our list of favorite programs:.

Phil: Tipping Point was an excellent book which turned into a great show. It offers amazing insight, tools and tips for anyone – from a beginning marketer to experienced.

Aaron: So far Groundswell is in the lead with Tipping Point coming in close second.

Karin: Outliers changed the way I think and approach problems. Malcolm Gladwell is also an amazing writer and presents the concepts in brilliantly illustrated case studies.

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